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Panasonic aren't the Worlds Number 1 Rugged Mobile computing manufacturer by accident. Years of 'engineering' solutions has created a longstanding reputation for producing rugged devices designed to withstand and handle the widest variety of tough environments.

As the manufacturer of the most rugged tablets on Earth, and with the aquisition of the Motion product line, Xplore now offer the broadest range of rugged and "rugged enough" Windows and Android tablets in the market.  The products are backed by a complete set of usable accessories.

Handheld is a leading supplier of rugged mobile computers and the fastest growing company in the rugged sector. The products are used in a wide spectrum of field applications.

A selection of other notible devices from the Rugged market. Including offerings from Getac, Dell and some Industry specific devices such as healthcare tablets.

When it comes to being able to communicate in the field, a working phone is the first thought. The range is wide and the options vast.  Here, we select our ‘best of breed’ recommendations for both standard mobiles and smartphones.

Ecom are a dedicate manufacturer of solutions for use in hazardous areas. Calling on 30 years focus in ATEX and HAZLOC and working alongside the major chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, manufacturing and mining corporations, they have been able to provide solutions to fit the environments.

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The recommended source for Rugged Mobile Computing Solutions. Contact us now to discuss your needs and find out how we can help you make the right decisions or select from the above quality manufacturers.

When it comes to business, and in particular workflow, providing your people the right tools for the job is essential. Mem-Star Rugged specialise in rugged mobile computing solutions. Regardless of where they are required to work, we have a solution. Whether you need a single unit or a thousand, we provide dedicated support and service. Many years of rugged experience has led to an unrivalled view of Laptops, Tablets and smart communications. Devices that can be used to control workflow, gather data, automate processes, generate reporting and most importantly, protect that data. We have been able to assist all types of businesses, from Government, Education, Military, Aviation, Marine, Charities and Corporates. From arborists to architects, plumbers to pipelines. No market sector is without it’s need for rugged computing solutions, and we have probably provided one! We can supply just the physical hardware or provide the complete solution with a single point of contact. Starting with requirement identification, pricing support, project and timescale control, technical consultations, device customisation and roll out management. We can also support your devices in the field with intelligent analytics that will allow insights into the success of the deployment. We can monitor devices to anticipate, measure and react, in real time, to improve operational efficiencies. It will help predict potential failures and increase productivity, such as battery management, by tracking key performance indicators. To make the sourcing process as seamless as possible we are able to offer business credit account facilities, leasing options to spread the cost, along with other mainstream payment options. We are proud to have been awarded Panasonic Premier Partner status, and insist on only dealing with the best manufacturers and suppliers who can support their devices. Not only with warranty, spares and technical knowledge, but also with a rich set of useable accessories to make using the devices as practical as possible. Force is stronger through union and our partnerships are the backbone of our ability, allowing us to focus and control with the whole gamut of technical and support resources. We have produced this website as a first step in your journey. Please feel free to browse the manufacturers and review the myriad product offerings. When you are ready to discuss your needs in greater depth, or just want to speak to someone please contact us. We are here to suggest, supply and support you through all the stages.

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