Rugged Mobile Computer Decontamination

With the current situation, I thought it might be useful to share the following useful industry information on how best to clean your computer…

The following procedures help to protect your employees, equipment, and the community.

WHO Recommendations and general guidelines The World Health Organization (WHO) offers general guidelines for cleaning surfaces. These are considered best practices for the prevention of viral illnesses in the office, community, and house settings.

WHO Web Site

WHO recommendations and general guidelines: Ensuring your workplaces are clean and hygienic. Surfaces and high-touch areas need to be wiped with disinfectant regularly. Using 70% ethyl alcohol to disinfect small areas between uses or sodium hypochlorite at 0.5% (equivalent to 5000 ppm) for disinfecting surfaces.
WHO Cleaning Recommendations Page


How to clean your computer or Rugged device

  • Always wear disposable gloves made of latex when cleaning and disinfecting surfaces to protect your hands.
  • Remove cables, close all port covers & doors to prevent solution ingress.
  • Power off your notebook and tablet before cleaning and unplug the power cord along with other connected devices.
  • It is recommended to use an Isopropyl Alcohol 70% and 30% water solution.
  • Use a clean cloth to dry the surface. Do not use materials, such as paper towels or toilet paper.
  • Although our rugged products are IP rated, we recommend not to spray any sanitizer liquids directly onto the display, cooling vents, or keyboards. Use a dry cloth or cleaning wipes as previously recommended.
  • Extra attention should be given to the screw holes, unflattened areas, strips, and finger touchpoints. Unplugged cables should also be wiped down.
  • Ensure the disinfected surfaces are thoroughly dried before turning the device back on after cleaning. Wait until there is be no visible moisture on the surfaces of the product before it is powered on.
  • Clean your hands after removing your gloves

Wishing you all the best throughout the current situation. Stay safe.