Good Value…Isn’t cheaper better for my business?

When it comes to knowing what is the best value IT solution for your business, it’s all down to you! However, what common purchasing mistakes have been made that we can all learn from?

In IT there are two very distinct streams in ‘Consumer’ and ‘Enterprise’. Quite simply, Consumer is designed for individuals and Enterprise is designed for businesses. The consumer device tends to be cool and trendy, with Enterprise offering practicality and stability. Enterprise maintains a steady lifecycle with fewer new models, accessory and operating system changes. Factor that with Rugged and get better battery life and the ability to cope in more extreme conditions. You can now start to see a case for Enterprise and for Rugged. When you also consider that consumer products are only built to last ‘up to‘ 2 years in “normal” conditions, it’s easy to start realising how rugged can save you money by coping with harsher environments for longer (4-7 years).

Have you considered the cost, to your business, of a device failing? What does it cost your business in end-user frustration with devices that are malfunctioning? How much time and effort is wasted when a device is unusable in the field, broken or away for repair? How much IT support time does it require to keep working? This, in a nutshell, is the Rugged proposition!

Lowest Failure rates. Engineered Technology. Ability to cope in harsh environments. Readable screens. Long Battery Life. Mobility.  User satisfaction. OS and platform stability. Reduced Support requirements. User productivity and satisfaction. Consistent business information flow. Consistency in accessories and docking solutions.

So, if you add the device cost to the job it is performing and then subtract the duration it will work for, without failure, you will start to see the real value…

Cheap doesn’t always mean value!