Toughbook and Tech-As-A-Service – Removing the outlay …

Tech-As-A-Service. You want to be able to use the best devices, the right tool for the job, something that will return your effort and investment over and over again…  But how can you afford the upfront costs? Afterall, the top build quality costs, that’s why it’s the best! What about the need to stay ahead by using the latest technology features

The Answer is Simple… Tech-As-A-Service!    The cutting edge has just got affordable …

No upfront costs, just a simple affordable monthly subscription. In much the same way we now buy vehicles, TV media, music and even razor blades (!) you can now buy all your IT requirements and spread the costs over a simple flexible monthly payment.

Assortment of devices

If you are Buying 10+ Toughbook* devices you can even enjoy a 0% Interest rate. You pay the same as the cash price, but with the exceptional benefit of spreading the payments over the device lifetime.

Need fewer than 10? No problem we can arrange and support you and even provide a per user/per day cost.

Want to add… Warranty upgrades, Accidental Damage Cover, Vehicle Mounting Solutions, Software, Professional Services, Data, Usage and Battery Analytics? … No problem, we can add it all to your package.

At the end of the term, you can choose to

  • Renew with the very latest technology and stay ahead of your competition
  • Buy the device and keep going
  • Return the device for a Hassle-Free end of life service including secure data wiping in line with GDPR and WEE recycling directives!

* Interest-Free option only available on Panasonic Toughbook options with a minimum quantity of 10 devices.

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