20 hour battery life?? On a Notebook?? …Really ??? The Toughbook-55 can…

Panasonic, already the world leaders in battery technology, have done it again! The new Toughbook-55 now boasts an incredible STANDARD battery life of 20 hours! (Mobile Mark™2014)

Toughbook 55

Launched this Monday (9/9/19), this new IP53 Semi Rugged notebook comes as standard with an amazing 20-hours of battery life. Modular technology allows up to 40 hours with the optional 2nd battery. (Mobile Mark™ 2014)

Effectively the next generation to the best selling CF-54, and with all the docks and accessories backwards compatible, the Toughbook 55 is set to become the market leader for those requiring fast mobile computing with maximum up-time. Windows 10 Pro with 14″ display, available in HD (1366×768), Full HD (1900×1080) and  Full HD Touchscreen variants gives options for all. A 32% faster i5-8365U vPro processor with 8GB RAM as standard (upgradable to 64GB),  and a 256GB SSD ensure powerful performance. Bluetooth 5.0, GLAN and WLAN AC 9560 with optional 4G and GPS connectivity.  Improvements in voice recognition for Windows Hello and Cortana are made by the inclusion of 4 microphones to the 2MP (with IR) front camera.

Added to all that the new Switch.Fit.Click user-upgradable options, complete the flexible variants to suit every business use requirement…

Universal bay – Upgrade the Intel UHD 620 Graphics to a discrete GPU (AMD Radeon ProWX). Fit a second SSD. Add a Smart Card reader or DVD/Blu Ray.

Front Expansion – Allows a 2nd Battery or Fingerprint reader or (contactless) Smart Card Reader.

Rear Expansion – Chose you ports including 4th USB, Fischer Rugged USB or 2nd native Gigabit LAN.

All of this flexibility is contained within a semi-rugged device certified to IP53/Mil-STD 810H/91CM drop 26 times! Lowest failure rates and long durability make this device a wise investment to give your business the edge over your competition.

For full specifications, product details and prices please visit our product page here – https://memstarrugged.co.uk/product/toughbook-55