Legacy Windows and New Processors

In case you’d missed this little gem of news… Machines using new Intel platforms cannot have a Windows 7 or 8.1 operating system (Intel and Microsoft limitation). Intel, AMD and Qualcomm have new processor architecture that will not work with anything but Windows 10, so legacy windows will not function.  You will not be able to buy new computers that will run Win 7 with the latest processors. This is already the case on some, such as the Panasonic Mark 3 CF-54 and the CF-33. Please check before you buy if you need to run an older version of Windows.

Only the most critical legacy Windows (Windows 7 and Windows 8.1) security updates will be released and only  for certain devices. This policy doesn’t mean the Winows 7 and 8.1 are no longer supported in general, updates will continue through January 2020.

Microsoft tell us –

“Windows 7 was designed nearly 10 years ago before any x86/x64 SOCs existed.”

“For Windows 7 to run on any modern silicon, device drivers and firmware need to emulate Windows 7’s expectations for interrupt processing, bus support, and power states- which is challenging for WiFi, graphics, security, and more. As partners make customizations to legacy device drivers, services, and firmware settings, customers are likely to see regressions with Windows 7 ongoing servicing.”

From the end of October 2016, PC makers will also have to sell new machines with Windows 10, rather than Windows 7 or 8.1.”

Bottom line – You will have to upgrade to Win 10 at some point. When that point is, is up to you.