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Algiz 8X – A beast in the field

Handheld Nautiz 8x Rugged tablet

When it comes to getting value from your rugged investment. Wondering if the extra upfront cost is worth it. Needing to justify your expendeture…. See The Algiz 8X in action – The Algiz 8X from Handheld is a true performer in the field. It’s compact form factor make it perfectly portable. It’s fully rugged IP65…

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Customer Input – Panasonic and the CF-54 semi rugged

Panasonic have listened to customer needs on the semi-rugged CF-54. Since its initial release in 2015, the Panasonic Toughbook CF-54 semi rugged has quickly become one of the most popular rugged mobility products. Relied on by first responders, utility professionals, members of the military and more, this semi-rugged notebook turned heads with its thin profile,…

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