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Looking to buy equipment for your business? Why not consider leasing to finance it?


Leasing is probably the most popular method of financing new equipment today. Virtually any item of equipment can be leased from £250 to £1m.

The benefits of leasing include:

  • Tax advantages to leasing. Leasing payments are rental payments and as such, an allowable business expense.
  • Leasing allows you to keep your cash for other purposes like stock, staff and training, advertising and finding new opportunities, and just in case there is an emergency.
  • Regular lease payments that do not increase, even if interest rates do.
  • Simple automated monthly Direct Debit payments
  • Quick decisions for nearly every market sector, large or small. Including new start ups.
  • Preserve existing credit lines and overdrafts
  • Get the best equipment for your business, not just the cheapest
  • No need to find hefty deposits

HOW DOES A LEASE WORK? A lease agreement is a contract between you ‘the customer’ and a leasing company. This enables you to use equipment over a period of time on payment of rentals to the leasing company. With a typical lease agreement, you make a series of regular payments thus helping cash flow, as opposed to a large capital outlay for the equipment.

HAVE THE BEST EQUIPMENT - You normally only pay one Monthly payment in advance with a lease agreement, this enables you to choose the best equipment available with only a small initial cash outlay. This enables you to have the best equipment available with the latest technology and start to enjoy the extra profits this generates before your next lease payment is due. The full invoice amount is settled with the supplier upon the equipment being installed or delivered.

toughbook-cf-20-fully-rugged-detachable-notebook-1258-pExample - Panasonic CF-20 - Buy at £2365.00 Lease for 5 years at just £12.66 per week!

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